What  took place and was discussed at the Global Soil Week 2015? Session summaries, rapporteur´s reports, summary videos, presentations can be found by clicking on the sessions below. 


1.1 Dialogue Session – Food security and sustainable food systems: the role of soils

1.2 Dialogue Session – Competing visions for a sustainable future: the challenge of biomass within the post-2015 development agenda

1.3 Dialogue Session – The new urban agenda ‘on the ground’ – overriding the urban / non-urban divide

1.4 Dialogue Session – Mitigation and adaptation to climate change through sustainable land management. Global and national perspectives on challenges and opportunities

1.5 Dialogue Session – Soils and seas in the nexus: linking sustainable land management and the coastal and marine environments

1.6 Dialogue Session – Joint ITPS-SPI meeting at the occasion of the Global Soil Week 2015: land degradation neutrality and its contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation

1.7 Dialogue Session – Economics of land degradation – how to integrate economic arguments into decision making processes? (part I)

1.8 Dialogue Session – Land rehabilitation for food security (part I)

2.1 Dialogue Session – Grounding global soil and land initiatives: working on trickling-down

2.2 Dialogue Session – Sustaining our soils and societies: the challenge of doing transdisciplinary research

2.3 Dialogue Session – Soil and land information: How to support decision making?

2.4 Dialogue Session – Land rehabilitation for food security (part II)

2.5 Dialogue Session – Economics of land degradation – how to integrate economic arguments into decision making processes? (part II)

2.6 Dialogue Session – Soils and societal commitment: moving towards healthy soils

2.7 Dialogue Session – European initiative on land as a resource: cross national strategies for soil protection and land use

2.8 Dialogue Session – Vulnerable landscapes – vulnerable societies: the role of grass and grazing livestock in building resilience to climate change

2.9 Celebrating the International Year of Soils at the Global Soil Week: Healthy soils for a healthy life

3.1 Dialogue Session – Three years of VGGT – experiences and strategies for implementation and monitoring

3.2 Dialogue Session – Tools and approaches to increasing supply-chain sustainability of land-based commodities: what works on paper and what works in practice?

3.3 Dialogue Session – Soil and land indicators for the international policy agenda: towards joint action

3.4 Dialogue Session – Building a knowledge and innovation platform on diffuse and point soil contamination as a base for (inter)national soil policies

3.5 Dialogue Session – Financing soil and land rehabilitation

3.6 Dialogue Session – Soil fertility management – towards a joint paradigm

3.7 Dialogue Session – Nexus governance Post-2015: towards collaborative implementation

3.8 Dialogue Session – Soil-atmosphere exchange

4.1 Open-Space Session – Giving living soil a voice: approaches and tools

4.2 Open-Space Session – Sustainable land use and human habitats: the role of cities and rural development in achieving global sustainable land use

4.3 Open-Space Session – Soil quality and agricultural sustainability indicators for the environmental performance index

4.4 Open-Space Session – Sprouting new ideas, rooted in old wisdom: intergenerational dialogue on sustainable land management

4.5 Open-Space Session – Brave farmers, green belts and wrong debates

4.6 Open-Space Session – Discussion on European soil data base update in light of the revision of the Soil Atlas of Europe: examples from Finland and Central European countries

4.7 Open-Space Session – Legal means for the national implementation of sustainable development goals related to soil – with a focus on the objective of a “land degradation neutral world”

4.8 Open-Space Session – Soil management – it’s about livelihoods

4.9 Open-Space Session – Where are spatial planning approaches in the current soil debate? Experiences, Challenges, Integration points