Soil is a common good.
A Global Call to action
for Environmental Sustainability
and Social Justice

Words/Music and Vocals: Katie LaVoix
Recording/Production: Markus 'Onkel' Lingner
Concept: Ulli Keil and Inken Mischke
Animation: Ulli Keil
Camera: Inken Sarah Mischke (Berlin), Shiv Parkash (New Delhi), Rodrigo Ferdinand (Rio de Janiero), Joseph Muriuki (Kisumu)

A strong global community for change

Envision a world where resources are sustainably and fairly distributed. Everyone has a chance for a healthy and happy life. No one suffers from hunger, or is forced to leave their home. The actions of each individual make up the collective process of change towards this vision. We all contribute to a strong global community so needed in 2016, when the hard work of implementing the new Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate agreement must begin.

Earth Day is an opportunity to connect with a global community to celebrate this living Earth. As a contribution to Earth Day 2016, the Global Soil Forum from the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies launched its Golden Grounds campaign with a song, music video, and animated infographics about strategies for a sustainable future.

In our globalized world, local decisions have direct effects on the life of other people far away. Conscious consumer decisions can contribute to change. Be part of a global community. Connect with initiatives working toward a more sustainable and just world. We can turn the tides. Inform yourself and connect with others on #Earthday!

Soil Strategies for Social Justice and Climate Change Action

 Join the Soil and Land Network for Change

Making change happen towards a shared vision of sustainable soil management and responsible land governance requires the concerted effort of many different actors from local to global.

Join the network here

Better Save Soil

Both political initiatives and local actions are necessary to secure the access to food and livelihoods for everyone. Measures for sustainable agriculture are already at hand, but they are often not applied – both on a small and large scale. And even if most of us live in cities, we all can do our part in saving soils all over the world.

Let’s Talk About Soil

This animated film tells the reality of soil resources around the world, covering the issues of degradation, urbanization, land grabbing and overexploitation; the film offers options to make the way we manage our soils more sustainable.