Time is tickin’ away
Many people on the run-run-run
There is talk of soil and clay
Stockbrokers delight and lives long gone

A gust of wind over fields of dust
A green paper devil is no one to trust
A hungry mouth and stolen youth
Just reveal the truth

You-u-u-u-u decide
Soil is a common good
Golden grounds for future lives
Givin’ a home and food
We-e-e can turn the tides
Make up your mind for good

Sunday shopping at the mall
Bargain clothes, cheap food delights
Hardly aware at all
So much of this is gained against human rights

We all love games and love to have fun
But I just wonder how funny it is
When you’re driven from your home
With no place left to live

You-u-u-u-u decide…

If you’re walking in my shoes
And I’d be walking in yours
Made it so easy to define the costs of this course
And then we’d realise that soil is the common ground,
the very earth we’re walkin’
You and I

You-u-u-u-u decide…