Soil and Land Network for Change facilitated through the Global Soil Week

Are you working towards a world in which soil is sustainably managed and responsibly governed? With functioning ecosystems and an equitable distribution of resources?

Making change happen towards this shared vision requires the concerted effort of many different actors from local to global. To facilitate cooperation amongst these actors, the Global Soil Week is initiating a project to document the network of change-makers in the areas of soil and land- The Soil and Land Network for Change. We invite all initiatives, groups, organizations working for change in soil and land to join the network. The Global Soil Week will release a web-based networking tool  at the next Global Soil Week in April 2017.  Civil society, government, ngos, cultural, religious, youth, academic- please register to be listed in the Network.  

The Soil and Land Network is conceived as a resource for the soil and land, as well as the wider sustainability community.

Please add me to the Soil and Land Network for Change.