Please download the Rapporteurs’ Report for this session here.

The Global Soil Week (GSW) invites all stakeholders to join forces to encourage sustainable soil management and responsible land governance, and to jointly put soils and land on the sustainable development agenda. This year a group of young professionals from various backgrounds will take part in this effort. The open session makes sure that the voices of young professionals gets heard and that their energy, vision and enthusiasm can vitalise debates and actions.

Starting with a reflection on a sustainable land management (SLM) excursion in Berlin, which the young professionals attended before the GSW, innovative ways of evaluating and documenting SLM (e.g. WOCAT methods and tools, videos, apps) will be discussed. Furthermore, in the open space discussion, young professionals will join others with greater experience to debate and share their thoughts about sustainable soil management and responsible land governance. The discourse will create opportunities for sharing experiences, and concerns, and explore promising and innovative ways to take appropriate action for sustainable soil and land management.

During the session the young professionals will present their reflections on the issues raised during the GSW. The open space will also be used by young professionals and senior experts to think about future projects and mentoring programmes on sustainable soil and land management.

Noel Oettlé, Drynet Programme
Christian Schneider, GIZ (Germany)
Lindsay Stringer, University of Leeds (UK)
Hanspeter Liniger, WOCAT (Switzerland)

World Café (no fixed schedule)

Download the session description here.

Contact: Katrin Wlucka