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Session Discussion published in the context of a peer reviewed article:

 Zanella, M.A., Rahmanian, M., Perch, L.N., Callenius, C., Rubio, J. L, Vuningoma, F., Rist, S., Mapfumo, P., (2015) Discussion: Food security and sustainable food systems: The role of soil. International Soil and Water Conservation Research.

Session Abstract:

There are also intrinsic connections between the four pillars of food security in how soils are managed, accessed and secured, in particular by food-insecure and vulnerable populations. Socio-political and economic processes that precipitate inequalities and heighten vulnerabilities among poor populations often increase pressure on soils due to unsustainable forms of land use and poor agricultural practices.

Nevertheless, not all of the connections between soils and food security are clearly articulated in food debates. Is food produced in healthier soils also more nutritious? In which contexts are soils crucial for achieving food security? These and many other questions emerge, indicating that there is the potential to understand, in more precise terms, how improved governance and management of soils could lead to sustainable food security.

The connections between soils and food security need to be integrated into broader discussion around sustainable development, in particular, sustainable food systems. One promising way of addressing this is to use the emerging concept of food sustainability, which considers, beyond environmental integrity and food security, the ideas of the right to food, poverty and disparity reduction, and the effects this has on social-ecological resilience.

This session will discuss the links between soils and food security, touching on how they are articulated in different scales and contexts. It approaches these issues from a strategic point of view connecting the discussion points with ongoing relevant global political debates, such as the discussion around food security and agroecology, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate-smart agriculture (CSA).

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Contact: Matheus Alves Zanella