Please download the Rapporteurs’ Report for this session here.

This session aims to contribute to a better understanding of the essential connection between land and soil policy and real environmental concerns and discuss a better way forward for policy implementation, monitoring and accountability. Land and soil are crucial to solving the societal issues facing the EU and the international community, e.g. climate change, biodiversity loss, energy transition, food security. A promising strategy needs comprehensive and integrated approaches.

The dialogue session is designed to collect and discuss new ideas regarding cross-national strategies for soil protection and land use. This dialogue will reflect relevant stakeholder perspectives, presenting experiences from different regional scales, good practices and new approaches to regulation. The session will focus in particular on the following subjects:

  • How to go further with a European strategy on land & soil?
  • “Zero soil loss?” Political, environmental and economic opportunities for conserving/improving soils and fostering food security.
  • How to measure land-use efficiency at different scales.

One objective will be to compare and discuss methods in relation to expectations and applicability at different scales and perspectives. European experts will present their evaluation of approaches and methods to measure land-use efficiency. This will take into account the different experiences and backgrounds of the participants. The outcome is expected to be an assessment of the applicability and linking of the proposed methods at different scales. Finally, results will be compared with the expectations formulated for the implementation of a future EU land and soil policy.

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Download the session description here.


Contact: Daniela Hoyer-Rensmann