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Soil degradation is a global problem affecting rangeland and cropland alike. Up to two billion people directly depend on grazing livestock for their food security and livelihood in drylands. Vulnerable landscapes equal vulnerable societies, not just in the Global South but also in developed countries with temperate climates. Pastoralism and mixed crop and livestock farming are in decline. Yet grazing livestock and an understanding of soil biological life hold the key to rebuilding soil fertility, productivity and resilience into the distant future.

In the session we will examine the role of grassland farming and grazing in relation to the changing climate. We will introduce examples from Europe, Namibia, Argentina, India and Australia.

The potential to incentivise producers and resource users as carbon stewards and resilient rangeland managers will also be discussed. Case studies, farmers’ perspectives, workshops and a panel discussion will be used to consider the various stakeholders from grassroots to business, NGOs and governments. The outcomes will be discussed with all participants together, to identify opportunities for progress throughout the International Year of Soil.

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Download the session description here.


Contact: Elisa Gaertner, Katrin Wlucka