Soil and Land on 10 000 m²  – the biggest outdoor info-graphic in Germany opens in Dresden’s oldest city square!


Global Soil Week’s multimedia ONE HECTARE exhibition can be viewed in the German city of Dresden daily from 12-7pm from 15-27 October , as part of the Umundu Festival for Sustainable Consumption.  The open-air installation aims to make the connection between global land use and personal consumption accessible to a wider public, drawing attention to global inequalities and possible solutions.  The entire land area of the planet will be visualized on 10 000 m² at Dresden’s central Altmarkt square, the oldest in the city, highlighting the increasing scarcity and degradation of of fertile soil. Fertile soil is the basis for producing 90 per cent of our food, it cleans and stores water, and helps to reduce the effects of climate change – yet we generally pay very little attention to this crucial resource. That has to change. That’s why, in connection to the International Year of Soils 2015 – declared by the UN General Assembly, ONE HECTARE tries to raise awareness about the dimensions and impacts of soil and land degradation from a local, global as well as a very personal perspective.

Dresden’s mayor for environment and municipal economics, Eva Jähnigen, together with Saxony’s minister for agriculture and the environment, Bernd Siemer, and Global Soil Week team-member Amy Green, will officially open the exhibition in the heart of Dresden’s city center at 5pm this Thursday. Part of the festivities will be a panel discussion on the potentials and limits of localized action for soils. Afterwards, visitors are welcome to mingle and stroll through the installation. With elements from science, film and art, ONE HECTARE presents the dilemma of over-consumption and scarcity. It is part of a broader effort to foster a fruitful dialogue about the local and worldwide significance of soil and is conceived as a forum for exchange and action, for art, science and people.