The IASS’ Alexander Müller, Jes Weigelt and Ariane Götz attend the European Commission’s conference on ‘Land as a resource’ in Brussels on 19 June 2014.

The DG Environment’s Pia Bucella and Janez Potočnik invited key stakeholders from the land, soil, and sustainability community to critique the current European land use model and formulate expectations on the European “Communication on land as a resource” which will be launched in 2015. The conference, hosted by the DG Environment of the European Commission, deals with the importance of land within the complexities of land concentration, urban policy and land take, and the balancing of interests.

Alexander Müller, as a speaker and panel member will give an international perspective to the role of EU policy in global land use at 16:00. The live stream of the conference is available → here

The European Communication on land will also be included as a focus topic at the next Global Soil Week, taking place on 19-23 April 2015.


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